What Product Am I – Kapla

I thought I had made the clues fairly cryptic ….

What Product Am I – Kapla

I thought I had made the clues fairly cryptic but after only 3 days the Krusic Family were able to successfully guess the product.

They have collected their prize and I hope are enjoying building many things with the planks.

Sam told me that they had been into the shop the previous week and we had spoken about Kapla products while they were in store, so this helped.

Invented in 1987, KAPLA® is a safe, educational wooden construction toy that can be enjoyed by children aged 3 and up and by adults! Each KAPLA plank is identical and has a unique ratio discovered by Tom van der Bruggen that enables incredible creations to be constructed without the need for any fixings, yet to have the stability of stone.

KAPLA is valued and sought after as an educational tool in schools throughout Europe and the UK and increasingly in Australia, bringing fun to STEMS subjects and enabling learning through play. KAPLA encourages logical thinking, stimulates creativity, and helps to develop concentration, patience and perseverance.

Aleysha Dewinter and Nikki Wozniak have both won the consolation prizes of a Kapla Challenge Set.


KAPLA Challenge is a quest for perfect balance …  Work your way through the models presented by the 12 ‘Challenge Cards’ with the 16 KAPLA planks at your disposal in this portable gift box.  Older children and adults will have their concentration and dexterity put to the test by the varying degrees of difficulty presented … it’s up to you to accept the KAPLA Challenge!

Other Kapla Products can be found here

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