TNW Australia -Smart Blocks Puzzle

TNW Australia -Smart Blocks Puzzle


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Made from high quality eco friendly wood, each block is brightly painted with a smooth surface. There are 40 wooden blocks. 
Smart Blocks are excellent for sparking one’s imagination, with a plethora of unique shapes and intricate patterns to make, they promote creative expression in children and adults of all ages.
You can make human figures, animals, cars, ships, dinosaurs, letters, numbers, pyramids, houses – the possibilities are limitless.
The difficulty of what one wants to make is up to you, start off simple and slowly build up to more detailed shapes/patterns.

Play alone or collaborate with others.
Another challenging way to use Smart Blocks is to take all the blocks out, muddle them up and try to put them back in the arrangement they came in or see if you can completely fill the wooden panel with your own arrangement. Included is two possible arrangements.

Smart Blocks are calming and a great way to promote focus and hand-eye coordination, as well as teaching children colour and shape recognition.
Get away from computer/phone screens and play tactile/real life Tetris with Smart Blocks.

This is an excellent gift idea for people of all ages!

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