Timeless Games – Mancala

Timeless Games – Mancala


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2 players compete against each other, trying to clear the opponent’s larger cup (Mancala) of all its stones, leaving 6 empty cps (Houses).

At the start 4 stones are placed into each house. After deciding who goes first (toss a coin), the player takes the stones from one of their houses and places one stone in each of the houses to the right (clockwise) arond the board, including their own Mancula but not their opponents.

If the last stone to be placedis into a players own empty house, they get all the stones from their opponents house directly across from the house.

All captured stones are placed into the players Mancula. If the the last stone is placed in the players own Mancula they have another go.

If the player places the last stone into the opponents empty house, then the opponents turn begins.

Play continues until all 6 houses are emptied. The player with the mose stones in their Mancula wins.

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