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Practice kindness and gratitude


Gratitude is about taking some time to recognise and celebrate the people and things we love and are thankful for. Being grateful can have a big impact on wellbeing as it strengthens relationships and makes us more optimistic.

You can help your child practice gratitude by talking to them about:

  • things that make them happy
  • things that inspire them
  • people and things that nurture them
  • experiences and thoughts they would like more of
  • helping them notice small pleasures like a cool breeze or a warm smile.

Being kind to others also supports wellbeing. It promotes feelings of gratitude as well as compassion and empathy. Kindness helps to build a sense of community and reduces stress.

With your child, make a list of all the ways they can be kind to family, friends and your community. Together, chose a few things to practice being kind.


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