What Product Am I?

Check here each day for new clues to work out what the product is, for your chance to win the product.

Day 8 Clue is posted

What Product Am I?

Competition has finished, we have all our winners – thank you for taking part.

Check here each day and add the clues together to find the product.

Prizes include: 1 X Product 2 X Consolation Prizes

Don’t forget to give the answer as the product name shows on the website 😊

Click on Contact Us at bottom of page and complete with your answer

  • I am made of Wood
  • Both boys and girls would like me
  • Some might say I am just for children and others might not agree
  • I can be used many times in different ways
  • I am fun, imaginative, creative, educational and safe
  • I am simple yet complex and can be tall, round or flat
  • I am available plain or coloured and in different sizes
  • I am made of pine from the south west of France

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